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Our most comprehensive enterprise tools that scale up your business growth and enhance dominance in the industry

Project Management ERP

The project management ERP successfully eradicates the hassles of managing any kind of project without fail. The ERP functions on the areas like creating, assigning, performing, monitoring and evaluating the project through which the consistency in project helps to reduce the cost of implementation.

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Sales & Distribution ERP

For the businesses with their own standards of operations, Foxiom Leads has the perfect solution that can fit to any company and their operations. With the highly customizable ERP, any business will find their answer for the pains that they face in their operations. And also, we have our team to provide you with even more requirements inside the pack as per your need.

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Appraisal & Evaluation Management

Appraisal and Evaluation Management Solution helps the businesses in real estate and construction domain to perform the property evaluation with the comprehensive tool sets that stays ahead of the standards in different industries, markets and operational methods.

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HR Management Solutions

One of the greatest hurdle faced by entrepreneurs is the team management. Proper methods of performance appraisal, KPI, and other evaluations are failed by which the businesses face loss of their capital unnecessarily. The HR Management Solution from Foxiom Leads helps in proper management of the squad of a business and hence to increase performance and reduce costing.

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Sales & Marketing ERP

Businesses with a lot of leads to manage face issues in missing the leads to follow, proper categorizing and successfully converting them in to sales. And even after conversion, seamless provision of services are hindered without proper tools to manage and monitor. The Marketing and Sales Management Solution provides the answer to all the pains in any businesses and ensures zero loss of leads and sales.

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Restaurant Management ERP

Restaurant Management ERP provides a one stop solution for managing restaurants integrating hardware like POS. The solution helps the business to manage orders and delivery, receive orders from third party services, create reports and much more.

Saloon Management ERP

Saloon Management helps saloons and beauty parlous to manage their business with features like schedule appointments, manage employees, inventory management, costing calculation, etc. avoiding the hassles of long waits of customers.

Clinic Manager ERP

Clinic Manager ERP lets small hospitals and clinics to take their business operations to next level. The solution helps to book appointments, manage consultation, create and record prescriptions, and every single operation related to medical services.